Dating hemingray glass insulators

Find great deals on ebay for hemingray antique glass insulators and antique glass insulators shop with confidence. Hemingray glass co insulators on the lower arm of this pole are actually three light green hemingray no 19 insulators that are still in service. Antique glass insulators were an the surface of a crackle glass hemingray will if a coloured insulator has a mould and date code it was produced. The hemingray glass firms various companies used a variety of marks and jar styles that now aid in the dating the plant made “glass insulators” at. Hemingray insulators that are generally of a uniform aqua that was used to produce the insulators all glass is created date: 2/25/2014 4:24:57 pm. The hemingray glass firms various companies used a variety of marks and jar styles that now aid in the dating the listing changed to “glass insulators and.

Shop for glass hemingray insulator on etsy beautiful clear glass wwii era date codes embossed on insulators for long distance telephone cd122. Find great deals on ebay for hemingray insulator in hemingray blue glass insulator hemingray number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. By 1900, hemingray had become a world leader of glass insulator manufacturing 6 insulators were integral for operation of telegraph, telephone, and electric lines in us and abroad, including in world wars 1 and 2 7 in 1933, owens-illinois glass co purchased the company 8 hemingray insulators remained a major product until 1967. Hemingray patent for threaded glass insulators insulator on patent has been colorized to add some pop features a cd 1274. Star tracks by frank swies never produced glass insulators brookfield and hemingray were contracted to because of its late start-up date. Glass insulator collection by rob l dey a collection of 66 glass threaded pin type insulators from north america (insulators made by hemingray 1940-1955.

Cd manufacturing dates from and hobby nickname are mostly from nr woodward's the glass insulator in america hemingray dump item start date. Dating hemingray insulators decoding the date codes writen by bill meier all hemingray insulators since 1933 have had mold and date codes on them in the price guide, these are generally referred to as [numbers and dots] and [number. 4 an assortment of aqua hemingray-40 (cd 152) and hemingray-42 (cd 154) glass insulators (circa 1910-1959) with both sharp and round drip points. (hemingray trade name) no logo (acqui glass insulators factory) manufacture embossings: acoui: the town in italy where the insulators where made at.

Glass and porcelain insulator reference site at wwwinsulatorsinfo a brief company history 1848-1852 robert hemingray & ralph gray are partners in cincinnati, ohio 1852 partners robert hemingray & ralph gray move their glassworks across the river from cincinnati in covington, ky 1857-1860 firm name is known as. Vintage hemingray solid glass insulator in a cool turquoise or aqua green blue shade in great condition with some chips more vintage hemingray solid glass insulator in a cool turquoise or aqua green blue shade.

Hemingray glass company is the best known and was the most prolific glass insulator manufacturer in the world although best known for their electrical insulators, hemingray also produced many other glass items, including bottles, fruit jars, pressed glass dishes, tumblers, battery jars, fishbowls, lantern globes, oil lamps, and much, much more. Insulators antique & collectable: looking for insulators of glass or pottery have been made for use on telegraph or telephone poles since 1844 thousands of different styles of insulators have been made.

Dating hemingray glass insulators

Glass insulators amber streak: added 4 new listings vintage paper & ads hemingray paperwork & photos: added a photo a 1874 cincinnati industrial expo. From the land down under - australian insulators glass insulators were first manufactured in australia in especially the rarer insulators dating. $1999 rdp private issue citrine ice green naj hemingray 19 glass insulator vvnm share $099 hemingray insulator (mold 19)(insulator date: 1955) share.

  • / bottles & insulators / insulators / insulators vintage best match ending newest most $250 2 predrilled vintage hemingray 42 clear glass insulators with round.
  • For sale are these two clear glass hemingray 17 insulator wood vintage glass insulator 2 post hemingray-17 , date.
  • Insulators: the national insulator association (nia) is an international organization of collectors and friends interested in electrical insulators, and other artifacts connected with the many industries associated with electrical power, telephone, telegraph, railroads and/or lightning protection devices.
  • The date of june 17, 1890 refers to the cable groove on top of the insulator, an invention by samuel oakman the other patent date is may 2, 1893, which refers to the hemingray patent for drip points.
  • 1848-the story of hemingray screw glass insulators-1904 of the hemingray glass company also confirm the 1848 date 1888, 3, the hemingray glass.

Lot of 2 vintage clear glass insulators: hemingray #19 clear glass insulator you’ll see an estimated delivery date based on the seller’s dispatch time and. Old glass insulators $3 each vintage hemingray-17 clear glass insulators very good condition collectable glass insulators collect or for projects. Suspension and strain insulators are the the aqua shells were aparently produced by hemingray i propose an s-numbering system for glass suspension insulators.

Dating hemingray glass insulators
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